ABC 6/4

Today was an eventful day, hence why you can keep yourself busy with 2 HFH blog posts today. Part of the HFH crew remained back at the ABC clinic to train 5 of the ABC students on subjects including Science of Sound, Anatomy and Physiology, OAES, and Immittance. These students deserve a round of applause because they had to absorb a lot of information in a very short period of time. The ABC students although tired, stayed alert enough to ask many probing questions to keep us on our toes. The training went well, once we were done presenting we were able to see patients in the clinic.

Oddly enough some of the students some students saw patients with completely normal hearing. On the other hand there were quite a few patients with ear drum perforations, or a non existent ear drum. Hearing aid fittings were performed; one happened to be on a young boy who only spoke Chichewa. As soon as the hearing aid was put on he started to giggle. His father was very thankful at the end of the appointment, which makes what we do worth all the schooling and long days. Patients were seen for ear wax removal and even a patient who got an eraser stuck in their ear. We all reassembled at the Mabuya Camp and were able to share the things we learned today. Today was a great start to our Malawian adventure. Pictures soon to come.

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