Road Trip to Mzuzu

Today the team left the Mabuya Camp and set out on a 5 1/2 bus ride north to Mzuzu. Lazarus broke out a sweat getting all of our bags on top of the bus… 18 big bags posed as quite the workout! After tying them down, we headed out.

We began the journey listening to Drake. McBride’s music on a little portable speaker. We had a few sing-alongs and dance sessions before the speaker died. We found out Lazarus seems to like Britney Spears (even though he asked if it was the Backstreet Boys). 

We stopped by a gas station for a restroom break and to let the ABC students catch up with us in the Hark and testing trailer. There was a nice little grassy area, so Angela decided to get out the hula hoop she brought with and start hooping. For anyone who doesn’t know, Angela is really good at hooping and knows tons of cool tricks! We started gathering quite the crowd on the sides of the street watching the azungus (white people) doing strange things! The ABC students caught up with us and joined the party… Hooping lessons from Angela! We shared a ton of laughs as each of the ABC students, Peter, and Lazarus all gave it a go. I’m sure we were quite the sight on the side of the road!

The road to northern Malawi took us through some gorgeous landscapes through mountainous hills, forests, and open areas. We even saw a couple monkeys along the way! We passed by many small villages; the further away we got from Lilongwe, the more poverty we saw. One thing I noticed is that the people in the villages keep the dirt swept around their houses so immaculately! I saw many people outside ensuring their homes were clean and well cared for. Although they may not have much, they seem to cherish everything they have. I think there’s a valuable lesson to learn from that. 

Aside from one small travel snafu, we had a smooth trip! Only about 15 kilometers outside of Mzuzu, the Hark seemed like it had overworked itself a little on all the hills and needed to pull over for a while to cool off. It was smooth sailing after that and we arrived safely. The lodge we are staying at is amazing! Free wifi, flat screen tvs, large rooms… And the best part: a bathroom in every room! I think we all got a little too excited about that 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Road Trip to Mzuzu

  1. Adrienne pink

    I am enjoying your daily updates! Sounds like a wonderful adventure. Love you and miss you. Have fun along the way! Xoxo ❤

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  2. Karen R

    Such great things you are all doing – and such valuable lessons. I am loving the posts. Are you able to send pictures of the markets or the country side? Have fun all and keep up the great work!

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  3. Thanks for awesome updates. I especially appreciate all of the landscape descriptions during your travels. You will all have a new appreciation for electricity, no doubt!


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