St. John’s Hospital HIV Clinic 6/9

Our second day at the St. John’s Clinic was not as busy as we had predicted. When we arrived in the morning, there were some people there waiting for us, but the rush of the day seemed to get done before lunch time. We still saw nearly 50 patients and have some more great stories to tell. 

Our cerumen management/foreign body removal team pulled a seed out of a man’s ear that had been there for 8 years! Taylor (one of our speech pathology students) was happy to get a break from case histories and switched it up doing tympanometry and otoacoustic emissions. One positive of our relatively slow afternoon was that it left us plenty of time to get to know the ABC students a little better!

Gospel, Elijah, and Alinane taught us how to carry things on our heads! Here in Malawi, women carry many things on their heads so it’s easier and they have hands free. We have been making a list of things we see people carrying on their heads and will be sure to share it at the end! After our lessons in carrying, we saw a few more patients and then had another lapse of free time. This time… African dancing lessons from Gospel! Our one tip to dance like the Malawians do: it’s all in the hips! Of course we learned some more Chichewa and Tumbuka words and phrases today too. Wen learned how to say “I’m hungry” and repeated it all day long. We could hear Wen all day dramatically shouting, “Ndili ndi njala!” We found out Angela and Alinane share a birthday (this Thursday), so we asked how you say happy birthday in Chichewa. Their reply: “Happy birthday!” We were a little bummed to find there wasn’t a translation. They also only sing the birthday song in English as well. 

Even though we didn’t see as many patients as we thought we might, we were glad to provide quality services to those who came. Our goal is always quality over quantity! 

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One thought on “St. John’s Hospital HIV Clinic 6/9

  1. Adrienne pink

    It sounds like a lot of work but some fun. Enjoy!

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