St. John’s 6/11

Today was our last full day at the St. John’s Clinic and we were very busy! We’ve had a great time helping the people of Mzuzu and getting to know the Malawians! We’ve had so many people thank us for being here, even if they had completely normal hearing or we simply didn’t have the resources to help them. We’ve all found it very difficult to say no to people we would usually say yes to at home. Sometimes tough judgement calls need to be made because we know there are other people who would benefit more. As people who have chosen to work in a helping profession, turning people away is not easy! In these situations we are especially thankful that we are in “The Warm Heart of Africa” and that our patients trust that we have everyone’s best interest in mind when making recommendations. 

Today we also celebrated the birthdays of two of our teammates: Angela and Alinane. They spent the day hard at work as Angela performed hearing aid fittings and counseled patients on the use and care of their new hearing aids and Alinane ran back and forth between otoscopy and translating for us azungus! 

We joined forces with the Mzuzu Central District crew at the end of the day to help finish the rest of testing and hearing aid fittings. The ASU/ABC teamwork was in full force! 

We ended the night on a high note with a wonderful dinner at a cute little restaurant tucked away in the hills of Mzuzu. ASU and ABC students dispersed around the table so we could all talk and get to know each other a little better. Alissa recited a poem for Angela’s birthday that had everyone giggling and Dr. McBride led us all in singing “Happy Birthday” to Angela and Alinane. We finished off dinner with delicious deserts, embarrassing pictures, and enough laughs to last a lifetime!

Off to bed to rest up for our last morning at St. John’s! 

XOXO, The St. John’s Crew


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One thought on “St. John’s 6/11

  1. Peter

    And of course Dr Laz singing to our two humble, talented, beautiful-soul birthday girls.

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