Kande Clinic/Mphatso Nursery School


Part of the HFH group spent the past week rotating between the Kande (pronounced candy) Clinic and Mphatso (pronounced mm-pot-so) Nursery School. The Kande Clinic is as close to a hospital as they have in the area, but it is far from American standards. The building has some walls, but is mainly open to the outside. There is a labor unit that has about 10 pregnant women in one big room… Privacy is definitely not a priority in Malawi!

We had an extremely busy first day after word got out in the community and Lazarus brought a bus full of school children to be seen! We hit a few bumps throughout the day as we all adjusted to working with a new team. We were all exhausted at the end of the day, but spirits were still high. The people we saw were extremely thankful that we all traveled all the way to Malawi to help them.

On Wednesday, we walked down the beach to work at Mphatso Nursery School. When we arrived, the children were all outside singing a good morning song that involved singing each child’s name and then falling to your knees when your name was called. We got to join in and then played “ring around the Rosie” and “duck duck goose.” The kids had a blast chasing each other through the sand! It was a fun start to the morning before we got to the real work. We saw and tested children from the nursery and members of the community before calling it a day and walking back home to Kande Beach.

Thursday was our last work day at Kande Clinic and we were quite busy! We saw many members of the community including pastors and previous members of parliament. We fit a lot of hearing aids and ended up staying late to fit two men before we left. Half the team headed back to Kande Beach since there wasn’t a ton of work left to do, and the rest of us somehow became stranded at the clinic missing a lot of equipment. Thankfully Lazarus came to save us all, but right as we were getting on the bus, Peter broke one of the hearing aids we were fitting. We had to unload a bunch of other equipment and re-program a new hearing aid before we could leave. He heard quite an earful from his hungry team members!

We finished the week with a bonfire on the beach. The ABC students played music and sang while we sat under the stars and listened to the waves. Not a bad way to reflect and relax after a long week!

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