Where’s the WiFi?

So you will see quite a few blogs posted today because we have been in/will be in no wifi zones. This morning we awakened to our beautiful waterfront views at Mayoka Village. Another day of sleeping in, which for quite a few of us meant no later than 8:00 am. As we awaited our delicious breakfast in the lounge area some monkeys decided to join us. Yes, I am talking real live monkeys; jumping on the roof and swinging around in the trees. The monkeys were kind enough to let us snap a few pictures before moving onto bigger and better things. After  breakfast we had the daunting task of carrying our oversized luggage back up the treacherous hill. Believe it or not, no AuD was left behind. We puffed our way to the top and loaded into the bus for our short 1 hour ride to Kande Beach.

Along the way we made a short pit stop at the wood working market. Every vendor made it a point to tell us about each object, pleading us to continue on looking until the end. Well you could say as a whole we spent quite a few Kwacha.  We followed a small dirt path that lead us to Kande Beach. Right on the beach… This is something we all could get used to. We walked a short bit on the beach to Robin’s humble abode and had lunch with the ABC students.This is when the group split into two, the brave souls that went cliff jumping and those that stayed back to relax on the beach.

Relaxing on the beach involved, exactly what it sounds like. Swimming around in the waves enjoying the sun at our backs. Splashing around until we were out of breath. Moni took a sweet little nap in the hammock and Ang finished off the day with some hooping. Now about that boat.

This was no easy boat ride, as described by the many on the boat, it was as if they were in a scene from Cast Away as Tom Hanks braves the waves as he tries to escape his little island. Immediately the waves began to crash against the boat and water began to pour into the boat, no one was safe from the splashing of the water. Thankfully the water was warm and it didn’t bother us. After a few screams, laughs, and panic moments we reached still waters and were on our way to a tiny island where we would cliff jump and snorkel. Once on land we climbed to the top of the cliffs and looked down. These were no small cliffs! They appeared much smaller down below from the boat, but up at the top they were massive. With the wind at our backs and the sound of waves crashing we all decided we had to jump.

This was a once in a lifetime experience and we had to go! One by one we took a few steps from the ledge, counted to three, ran towards the edge and leaped into the water. If I’m not mistaken there may have been a few curse words shouted and some high pitched yells from our guys. The water was clear as day which made it so easy to see fish of all colors and sizes while snorkeling. There were blue fish with white stripes, brown with black and white stripes and even some yellow and grey fish. For many of us this was such an amazing experience we will surely never forget. After a few more jumps and more snorkeling we made our way back on to the boat and back to shore. We nearly crashed right before shore and all had to jump ship and abandon the boat. Thankfully it happened when we could all touch the ground! Finally we made it safely to the shore and we could touch the warm white sand between our toes. After some quick hot showers we gathered together, enjoyed dinner and spent lots of time talking about our day. Kande Beach has been nice to us on our first day here and we can’t wait to begin our outreach clinic

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One thought on “Where’s the WiFi?

  1. Peggy

    Glad you all had some relax time!! Once in a lifetime experience…

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