Day 1 of Clinic- QECH

Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital:

Today was our first day of clinic at QECH and it was a busy day! There were about 15 patients lined up for us when we arrived at 8 am this morning! Angie, Kari and Jayce were in the clinic with Dr. Busen. We got to work pretty quickly after we arrived and we worked all day. The time flew by since we were constantly busy, but we got to see some exciting things today. Angie and Kari got to see a kiddo with a spider in her ear! Jayce and Angie saw a patient who had an ear canal that allowed them to see all of the landmarks of the middle ear. Dr. Busen taught Prisca (one of the audiology officers at QECH) more about ABRs, and got to run some click ABRs (auditory brainstem response) and some ASSR (auditory steady state response). These tests were done on young children who are not able to respond behaviorally. It tests the function of the auditory nerve. All of the patients who were tested today had interesting hearing test results, or were young children who are more difficult to test. It was towards the end of the day when we found out why… There is a sign sitting at the front desk stating that any difficult to test patient should be scheduled for when we were in town… suddenly our day all made sense. The best part of the day was being able to complete the whole process of fitting hearing aids starting from the case history all the way through to the patient leaving with their hearing aids. At home, we start with the case history and do a hearing test, but there is usually a few more appointments in between the hearing test and the eventual hearing aid fitting. Here, we were able to complete everything in one appointment. The looks on the patient’s faces who walked out with their new hearing aids was worth all of the hard work! We are looking forward to coming back tomorrow and seeing more patients!

The rest of team went on their first outreach today, and a separate post should be coming from them later tonight! Stay tuned!

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