Team 2’s first day at Outreach in Lilongwe

Today we were split into two outreach groups. Our group was Team 2. It consisted of Peter, Angie, Kari, Kaela, and Jayce. Also, there were two ABC college students named Khumbo and Henry who interpreted for us plus more!

Our site was in Mponela. We really had no idea what to expect, but when we reached our destination there were about 100 people already in line. By 12pm there were probably 100 more, but we just couldn’t see them all.

We were there from 830am-630pm. It was a long, but very rewarding day! It started off a little hectic, but we were able to find our groove and felt that we had a successful first day at Lilongwe. At first, we all had assigned roles. But everyone ended up doing a little bit of everything. When one person needed help, there was always somewhere there to jump right in and assist. We really worked as a team. Kari did a great job doing hearing screenings. She even tested two people at once in two booths, she’s got skills! Angie fit 24 hearings aids on adults/children today. It was her first time this trip programming hearing aids, and she did a fantastic job. She feels more comfortable with it. Jayce was a superstar today, he started off in Tymps/OAEs and just floated everywhere, wherever he was needed. Kaela did some hearing screenings today but mostly did, Tymps! She enjoyed the practice and feels more confident about it.

A funny highlight of this outreach was when Peter and Kari were about to make an earmold impression with this one man. He was on the phone using the ear that needed the earmold impression. Once he was off the phone, Peter and Kari put the stuff in his ear and while it was hardening, he was using his phone on that same ear! Mind I tell you this ear had a moderate to severe hearing loss plus the earmold impression and still, he tried to perservere through that phonecall!

Special shoutout to our ABC college students who did a great job interpreting today. They didn’t just interpret but, Henry learned and practiced some testing and Khumbo helped with cerumen management and earmold impressions. It’s a pleasure working with them and we’re excited for the days to come.

Like we said, it was a long but very rewarding day! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us tomorrow, which will be a brand new location.

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One thought on “Team 2’s first day at Outreach in Lilongwe

  1. Brenda Ackerson

    Way to go Team 2! YOU are doing great work!


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