Chezi Christian Hospital

Today was a super busy day! The HARK crew was at Chezi Christian Hospital for today and it was an adventure! We got up early again and left around 6:15 am. When we arrived, they were not really sure where to put us. We had a space for the audio trailer, so we put that down and debated where the rest of the stations should be. They showed us a room- which used to be the isolation room, and it looks promising so we moved all of our stuff down there only to find out they didn’t have any power. So we packed everything back up and moved it back to our original spot. We ended up setting everything up outside with the exception of hearing aid programming which went in a smaller room in a different part of the hospital. That lasted about 30 minutes until the hospital lost power and we had to move hearing aid programming to the HARK and plug the HARK and the audio trailer into the generator.

As a team, we saw over 130 people! Go team! We fit between 10 and 15 hearing aids, and many people received medicine for their ear infections so it was a very successful day. Once we put hearing aids on a few of the older gentlemen, they started smiling and giggling to themselves. It makes all the early mornings and long days 100% worth it. The team worked great together and everyone had a smile on their face at the end of the day. Also at the end of the day, we had a woman with a beetle in her ear! Our ENT (Leonard) removed the beetle and Jessica had Leonard show the woman. To our surprise, she opened her purse, took out a small bag, and put the beetle in it to take home with her! We will be together once more tomorrow in a small group before we all come back together as one large team. If we are powering through 130 people (at each site) with a half team, just imagine what we will accomplish when we are back at full strength! Look out Malawi!

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2 thoughts on “Chezi Christian Hospital

  1. PAULA C

    You all ARE the change in the world Ghandi spoke of !!


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