Outreach: Nancholi

“Azungu! Azungu! Azungu!”
We have all come to learn the meaning of this word VERY quickly, as it is what we are referred to as many times each day. Curious to know what it means? White people! It’s awfully entertaining to see the many head turns and finger points directed toward us as we ride in our bus and travel from location to location.
Today, most of us were on outreach in a small village called Nancholi. Those of us on outreach were able to manage 82 village members, fitting some with hearing aids, managing many fungal infections, and referring out to other locations for further care. There was a large group of children who seemed to be very interested in what we were doing, and in getting to know us all. They kept saying things to us such as “hi how are you, what is your name?”, and when we would answer, they would keep repeating this phrase. These children loved to play soccer, and had even created their own wagons out of sticks, and were pushing and pulling each other around on the flat dirt, putting on quite a show for us. With their permission, we took several pictures both of and with the children, and they were so fascinated by our pictures. They would crowd around us to look at the pictures that had been taken, and some even took several pictures themselves with our phones. We had packed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with chips, cookies, and oranges last night for our lunch on outreach, and took shifts sneaking out to the bus to eat.
The rest of us stayed in Blantyre at the QECH (Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital) location where Courtney (an ASU Audiology graduate) manages an Audiology Clinic with the help of a few Audiology Officers residing here in Malawi. At QECH, we saw a child with a cochlear implant (one of only 8 implanted in the ENTIRE country of Malawi), performed newborn hearing screenings on some adorable little babies, and performed Speech Pathology intervention for a student.
Oh, and guess what else?! WE FOUND OUR MISSING LUGGAGE ITEMS TODAY!!! Courtney got a call from the Blantyre airport saying that our 7 missing Action Packers and 2 missing luggage bags had safely arrived, and were ready to be picked up at the airport. We were then able to pick them all up and unload the rest of our necessary supplies for outreach tomorrow!
Check in tomorrow to see how Outreach: Day Two turns out for us 🙂
Kapowi Malawi!!

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