Zomba: Day 2

After all of yesterday’s technological issues we all were determined to make today better. At dinner last night we all discussed how to better utilize our rooms and equipment to make the process more streamlined and went in with a game plan today.

As we arrived in the barracks everyone grabbed action packers and equipment and started setting up rooms. We were ready in no time at all. We started seeing new patients, as well as patients who we had only partially seen the day before. Of all of the patients we told to come back to finish testing yesterday, all but 3 came back today.

Throughout the day as “in demand” stations (pure tones, cerumen management…) needed more man power people jumped in to help without skipping a beat. With everyone helping out and being ready to step in when needed, we were able to get through 190 patients today! We will be at a different location in Zomba again next week, and QECH will be planning to return to the barracks for more outreach in the future.

While the outreach team was in Zomba, the audiology clinic team was at QECH and the speech team was helping out in schools in the area. At QECH the team saw a girl yesterday for hearing tests and got to fit her with hearing aids today. The speech team worked with a program in the schools to help kids with speech delays and will return to work with them again before we leave Blantyre.

After clinic and outreach was done for the day we all headed to an Indian restaurant for dinner. I know what you must be thinking, ‘Indian food? In Malawi?’. Yes. Malawi has a significant Indian population spanning several generations and the Indian food in Malawi is better than anything you can find in the US. For about 12 US dollars we all got more delicious food than we could possibly eat.

This weekend we will be enjoying some much needed time off!
Until next time,
Kapowi Malawi!
Lizzie and the HFH Team

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