Blantyre Outreach

No Case of the Mondays Here!

It’s day 4 on outreach and we are definitely getting lots of practice troubleshooting and resolving problems quickly! Today the outreach was close to home in Blantyre. The team was able to help 90 patients in a little over 3 hours! It was a slow start to get all the generators working, but once they began everything ran smoothly. While discussing highlights of the day, many people mentioned a particular patient who was fitted with hearing aids. This patient had a rather severe hearing loss in both ears and was struggling to hear in many different contexts. A few audiology and speech students were in the room when the hearing aids were fitted and turned on. They described it as one of those magical moments when someone experiences a tangible reaction to an unexpected but welcomed change. I’m speaking for all of us, but I think these are some of our favorite moments and help us continue doing what we love even on the hard days! Other highlights from outreach included playing with the children after outreach was over. Many of the children were content exchanging different greetings such as high fives and fist bumps as well as English and Chichewa words all while laughing and running around.

Today, myself and a few other speech and audiology students were back at the QECH Audiology clinic working to test hearing, reprogram cochlear implants, fit hearing aids and provide aural rehabilitation services. All of the audiologists and personnel working in the clinic are completely invested in every single patient they see. They go above and beyond and take the extra time needed with every patient to ensure they get what they need that very day and because of this their clients succeed! Many of the patients seen today for aural rehabilitation services were seen last week as well. To see the improvement in each case from last week to now is astounding given the short amount of time! Many of these clients have cochlear implants and we worked to help them detect, identify, discriminate and comprehend sounds as well as speech occurring around them. With continued support for the clinic professionals at QECH, the patients hearing and speech and language will continue to improve! Tune in tomorrow to hear about our second day of outreach in Blantyre!

Kayla and the HFH Team

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