Today was our second day at Compassionate Care Center in Zomba and we saw a total of 107 patients! We were able to see all the patients that showed up today and we started the day off busy in every station! Over the course of these two days we saw a lot of deaf patients in the community and more patients that needed medical attention because it was our first outreach at this location. We left this location to the same beat we entered with, literally because we have limited music options. Which was about 20 songs for the 3 hour commute there and back.

Back in clinic today, Rochelle and Dr. McBride saw several patients for hearing aid fittings and diagnostic testing. Rochelle was able to help with some speech sessions as well today. CT and Kate saw two patients, one for aural rehabilitation and another for a language assessment. CT was able to conduct some of her research on a nurse midwife who worked at the hospital. Then in their free time they teamed up to pack all our action packers up for our journey up north tomorrow, it’s like a game of Tetris when packing.

We loaded all our action packers onto the bus and boy was Laz in for a surprise when he saw our packing job, don’t worry we left space for him to still see. But, needless to say we went from a comfortable bus ride to feeling like we are in a mini bus. It’s just yet another bonding moment for us. Tomorrow we head up to Cape Maclear for the weekend and then onwards to Lilongwe.

To all our friends and colleagues at QECH we’ll see you in two weeks!

Check back in to see how our adventure at the lake goes!

Sara and the HFH Team

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