Week 3: ABC and Lilongwe Outreach

The start of week 3 and halfway through our trip already! On Sunday we had our last moments with Cape Macclear before heading to Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi and home of African Bible College, our next group of people to work with.

We stopped by for lunch at a pottery shop called Dedza Pottery. It was on near the top of a mountain that had windy roads in order to get there. It was peace and quiet with a view of bright green scenery.

Our first stop after lunch was African Bible College, also known as ABC. We met two audiologists from Australia and one Malawian audiologist named Fletcher. The clinic at ABC had a different feel than at QECH, but both are amazing to have in Malawi. And we got to stay at our third Annie’s Lodge.

Today was our first time doing outreach with a different team. We mostly did the outreach ourselves with the help of the translators (we had about 7 of them). Total count has not been done yet, so still waiting on the numbers. But we are going back to the same village, this time with a clinical official to prescribe medication to those who need them. As a team, we have improved with the teamwork where we would jump in to a station that needs help immediately. Especially now where we cannot rely Malawians who have the knowledge of audiology, we rely on making sure we have it right for the translators to say the correct information. Our team is smaller, but as efficient still.

Dr. Helms-Tillery and a SLP student observed two different sites in the morning and got to teach about Speech-Language Pathology for Audiologists to 4 ABC students who are going through the program to become audiologists.

Until next time,

Angie and the Hearing for Humanity team

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