Outreach: Saint Gabriel Hospital

I want to start off today’s post with a GINORMOUS shoutout to the entire team today for working as hard and as well as we all did. We were able to fit 29 people with hearing aids today, which equates to 47 hearing aids (not every patient was a candidate to receive 2).

We had a slow start at the hospital outreach location, but when we finally arrived at 9am, we were confronted with a very large, very intimidating line of people waiting to be seen by us. Seriously, well over 100 people waiting in line before we had even stepped foot off the bus! Unfortunarely, we weren’t able to see every one of these patients before packing up for the day, but we managed to see 105 of them before sending any new people home to return tomorrow. Even turning people away, we worked our tails off until sunset before finally calling it a day.

By the way, have any of us mentioned our utter amazement by the sunsets here? I swear we each take at least 10 sunset photos a week (only to find each time that the pictures hardly do it any justice).

Kate stayed at the ABC clinic with Dr. Helms Tillery where she worked with some dynamic patients, providing articulation therapy and creating a picture exchange communication board as a means of communication. She also worked with a child with autism, a child with Auditory neuropathy, and finally, a child with cerebral palsy.

Can you tell we’ve had a busy day? Tomorrow we return to the same hospital as today with a goal to see the remainder of people that were turned away today plus some. Wish us luck and check in tomorrow!

Calla and the HFH team

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