Outreach St. Gabriel’s Hospital Day 2


Thursday, June 1st

Second day at St. Gabriel’s Hospital and the last day of Speech Language Pathology instruction for the Audiology Officer students at the African Bible College (ABC) Clinic.

As you know, yesterday at St. Gabriel’s we saw a lot of patients and fitted almost 50 hearing aids! So the group decided to resume the same stations and responsibilities they had the day before to ensure maximum efficiency.

We saw a total of 210 patients today and fitted 57 hearing aids. It was quite a successful, busy, and exhausting second day.

Back at the ABC clinic, two speech students stayed behind with Dr. Helms-Tillery to aid in her lecture about developmental and acquired language disorders, aphasia, TBI (traumatic brain injury) and a quick recap on behavioral adaptations for autistics. The Malawian audiology students were engaged and asked great questions throughout the 4-hour lecture. The speech students enjoyed the opportunity to share their knowledge with material they had just learned the previous semester. It was one of those moments where you thought, oh I really am learning something during graduate school. (So shout out to all the parents and friends who are supporting our crazy academic endeavors!) The speechies concluded their day at clinic doing aural rehabilitation sessions with two children with cochlear implants.

The outreach team and speechies reconnected and met for a well-deserved dinner out. The team went to a restaurant called Mama Mia’s for pizza and other Italian foods. Upon entry we saw a picture of Bill Clinton dining at Mama Mia’s framed at the restaurant. We all have been talking about how much we miss eating pizza, so this was a HUGE treat for us.  CHEERS C.T.

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