Safari Day 1 – June 9 and 10

Sorry for the delay we’ve been off the grid in Zambia for the weekend! Our drive on Friday was a very lengthy one to get to our lodge. Upon our arrival we were told our schedule for the weekend and the do and do nots of the lodge. Our lodge over looked this beautiful river which wasn’t as high as it usually is due to the dry season now. In that river were numerous hippos and the occasional crocodile. We were told that if you heard leaves crunching at night time it most likely would be the hippos eating the leaves or the elephants, that’s why we had to be escorted to our rooms by watchmen after dinner.

Saturday started bright and early before the sunrise so we could eat our breakfast and get to South Lugwanga National Park to start our 2 day safari adventure…….

This is your safari tour guide Sara here to show you some of the wild animals that live here in South Lugwanga Park. We started off with the spotting of lion footprints and followed them in the hopes of a lion spotting. The lions haven’t been spotted in three whole days so we were determined to find them. Our first animal sighting was of a pack of impalas who normally have one male and the rest females. Next up was some giraffes who were eating their breakfast. Traveling through the park we came upon wart hogs aka Puma from the Lion King and discovered their sleeping quarters. The wart hogs back into their holes (which can sleep as many as 8) to protect themselves from predators. Driving along as the sun rises we were on the hunt for animals coming back in from their morning hunt. In the tall grass nearly impossible to see without the trained eye was the spots of a leopard. It was so stealthy that some didn’t even get a good look at it. The zebras were seen with their unique stripe pattern similar to our fingerprints eating with bulging bellies. The morning safari concluded with a stop for tea and the spotting of elephants!

During our break some people took some rest and relaxation in different ways either napping or relaxing in the spa during their treatment. We enjoyed another tea time before the night safari.

The night safari started off with the sighting of multiple vehicles crowding around what could possibly be the lions. Getting in closer to find out it was actually a pack of African Wild Dogs. The dogs were sleeping in the tall grass but would soon wake to hunt for their dinner. After watching with no sign of movement we moved on. While crossing over a ravine there it was just sitting there in the shade, a leopard! We took the pack of azungus on a hunt to get a closer look at the leopard! It got up and started walking in the ravine, we drove back onto the other side and there it was right down below us! It came up and was practically staring at us as if we were dinner. In all reality it is unfazed by a truck full of people but it still walked right next to us. Taking a break from the action for a rest stop didn’t last long because the African Wild Dogs were on the move! Get back in the car and we were off! The pack spreads out to be most effective with an 80% kill rate. But they were on the move to get their dinner, luckily their dinner got away for now. The sun sank and the savanna night life came alive. Not knowing where you are or what can pop out at any time keeps you on the edge of your seat or puts you into your neighbors. No lion sighting tonight but stayed tuned for the second day of our safari adventures with tour guide Taylor!

-Safari guide Sara signing off

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