As we finished our last final breakfast from Thoricroft Lodge in Zambia, we head out to Tribal Textiles before our final destination-Lilongwe, Malawi.

As we stopped at Tribal Textiles, it was a small but powerful workforce, creating beautiful hand painted textiles. Their philosophy is fair wages, equality, and giving back to the local community.

Step 1: measure the fabric and label what design is supposed to be on it
Step 2: lay it out on the table and start starching. Starching is how you would creative starch, put it in a bottle and start drawing on the fabric.
Step 3: coloring the fabric. They get powder from South Africa, and only work with yellow, blue and red to create hundreds of different colors. It takes three years of training to mix and make colors!
Step 4: baking in the oven that takes 5 minutes and over 100 degrees Celsius
Step 5: Scraping the starch out, washing the fabric and drying them
Step 6: sewing into the final product- it could be an apron, pillow cases, table mats, etc
Step 7: tying up the fabrics into the finished product to be sold!

Check out their website at

Finally after multiple hours in the car, we arrived in Lilongwe. It’s our last night in Lilongwe before heading down to Blantyre!

Until next time,
HFH team 2017

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